Regional Filmmakers Spotlight: THE LEGEND OF BOGGY CREEK
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New 4K Restoration from the George Eastman Museum

In 1972, a little film out of Texarkana, Arkansas changed the landscape of indie and horror film. This October, we are screening a beautiful 4K restoration of The Legend of Boggy Creek, a retelling of actual reported encounters with the Bigfoot-like Fouke Monster in Fouke, Arkansas. You can catch one of our daily showtimes, or join us for our special screening and Q&A at 2 p.m. October 20 featuring Pam Pierce, daughter of Boggy Creek’s pioneering director Charles B. Pierce; author and Bigfoot and Fouke Monster authority Lyle Blackburn, and Boggy Creek cast members Bunny Dees, Jinger Hawkins, and Cathy Cox Lee. 1972, 85 min., G.

Here’s more on The Legend of Boggy Creek from Joseph A. Ziemba of Birth.Movies.Death: “Before The Blair Witch Project, there was The Legend of Boggy Creek. Shot guerilla-style in the wilds of Arkansas by Pierce (The Town that Dreaded Sundown), this midnight mood-setter proves that imagination and mystery are all your senses need to achieve total creepizoid overload. Pierce's fly-on-the-wall camera follows the actual residents of Fouke, Arkansas as they share stories of run-ins with The Fouke Monster, a three-toed beastie who looks like what would happen if Marvel Comics's Man-Thing had a baby with a gorilla suit. As the creature's attacks escalate, the movie shifts from cinéma vérité expose, delivering a combination of documentary and exploitation that makes our neck hairs stand on end. And our hearts fill with joy, as we experience a snapshot of influential horror filmmaking that will never exist again.”

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Daily Showtimes

  • Friday, October 18: 3:50, 5:45, 7:40 (All showtimes in Theater 1)

  • Saturday, October 19: 2:15, 4:10, 6:05, 8:00 (All showtimes in Theater 1)

  • Sunday, October 20: 2:00 (with Q&A), 4:40, 6:35 (All Showtimes in Theater 1)

  • Tuesday, October 22: 3:50, 5:45, 7:40 (All showtimes in Theater 1)

  • Wednesday, October 23: 3:50, 5:45, 7:40 (All showtimes in Theater 1)

  • Thursday, October 24: 3:50, 5:45 (All showtimes in Theater 1)